HTML Marquee

Ah, the marquee. That wonderful tag that would scroll your text across the page in a slightly jittery, kinda hard to read way. Well, you know what? Car dealers love them. Just like images in a slideshow, they want to cram as many hot deals, great buys and can’t miss events on a single page as they can possibly get.

Back when Flash was all the rage, we had a nice little marquee component that did the job. Now a days, I hardly touch the old AS2 code. Everything is HTML, CSS and JS. But that HTML marquee tag doesn’t really work as well as it used to. Browsers don’t really like having to scroll text across the page. So are we supposed to abandon that great promotion racing across your homepage? No way! Using a little jQuery, some HTML and a reliable data source (ColdFusion in this case), I brought that marquee tag back to life with a little jQuery plugin I built, called marquee.js. Take a gander at some of the code. It’s hot stuff.

I even threw in some other text effects, ya know, in case the horizontal scroll ever gets old.

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